Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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FIRST:  Ensure your email address is up to date by going to "Edit My Account" on the left column menu, log in (it'll send you your password if you've forgot it), and update family members email addresses, and any other information you desire.

TEAM information can be viewed by doing the following:

In order to view and contact your team go to our home page (

1.  Select "Team" from top horizontal menu's,
2.  Select Season:  Spring 2013,
3.  Division: Boys U11&Up or Boys U9, etc.
4.  Team: U11A or whatever your team designation is
5.  In order to see parents, emails, etc. you must log in with your
email and password. 
6.  Once signed in select "ROSTER" form left column options.  "Email Team", "Link to Site", and "Print" is
under "Options".

Your team website can be used for communication, pictures, stats,
schedules, etc.  It will be linked to the League's website so any games and schedule
changes will be broadcast to you and your team automatically.  Coaches / Team Parents can input your own practice schedules once they are assigned and parents will get reminders, changes, etc.  There is also a League Athletic MOBILE SITE for iPhone, smart phone, etc. use.

Club members can use their compatible mobile device (Apple iOS, Google Android, or Windows Mobile) to browse to and sign-in using login credentials.  Then select one of two options to view either our Mobile Site or Full Site.

Mobile Site features for coaches & administrators / team parents:

  • Add games and practices to team schedules.
  • Open and close facilities immediately. When closed, an optional notice can be sent to all affected members.
  • Communicate with your teams. Send emails and text messages from your mobile device to each of your rosters.
  • Access roster information and player contact details.
  • View RSVPs for upcoming events to see if all of your players can make it to the big game.
  • Enter game results and track stats in real-time.

Mobile Site features for parents & players:

  • View your team's schedule to track practice and game changes.
  • View league and club news to keep up-to-date with new events.
  • Get directions to facilities and see nearby amenities like coffee shops and pizza.
  • View pictures uploaded to your club's website.
  • Access contact information for coaches and team managers.
  • Check game results and scores, as well as team stats.

Update Team Roster with Jersey Numbers:  Coaches, Team Parent, and Uniform Parent should have League Athletic access to update jersey numbers in Team Web Page Roster.  Log In to > select Team > Spring 2013 Season > Boy’s (U11&Older) or Girl's (3/4&Older) League > Team name > Roster > Options > Assign Jersey Number > select Team in Spring 2013 > Choose team name > uncheck "Assign jersey numbers from previous team" > Submit > Edit each player's position and jersey number > Submit.

Coaches Exchange Rosters Prior to Game:

  1. NVYLL Operational Rule 1.7.5 requires "No game shall commence until team rosters have been exchanged between coaches.  The coaches should check the rosters for accuracy and require that corrections be made if necessary prior to the start of the game and copies provided to the Field Commissioner.  If a team refuses or is unable to provide a roster, that team shall forfeit the game.  Coaches will be responsible for ensuring this rule is enforced.  The "Exchange Roster" will include player's name and jersey number."
    1. Print an “Exchange Roster” to provide opposing coach:  Do not login, but close browser completely to refresh page > go to Team web page > select Roster > Options > Print Roster with Team name, Coach contact info, Jersey number, and Player first name & last initial.
  2. NVYLL Operational Rule 1.7.5 requires "Coaches must have available at every game the "Official Roster"... a copy of which is turned in to the League with any approved additions noted by an asterisk.  The "Official Roster" will contain each player's name, age, address, phone number, grade, school, and jersey number.  Team rosters (Official and Exchange) shall be available for any commissioner upon request from the Executive Committee.  Official Rosters shall be on an official NVYLL Roster Form... or in the same format.  Coaches may request to view a copy of the "Official Roster" of the opposing team in addition to the "Exchange Roster".
    1. Print an “Official Roster” in case opposing coach or commissioner requests to view (but you should not need to turnover to anyone):  Login > go to Team web page > select Roster > Options > Print Roster with Team name, Coach contact info, Jersey number, Player's name, birthdate, grade, address, and phone number.