Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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Volunteer Opt Out Fee


Fort  Hunt Youth Lacrosse is run entirely by volunteers.   Volunteer opportunities available to a player’s family include*

  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Board Member (Commissioner, Asst Commissioners, Registrar/Website, Treasurer, Uniforms, Equipment, Fundraising, Fields)  
  • Field Lining 
  • Game Day Duties (Game Timer, Sideline Manager, Set-up, etc.)
  • Team Parent Position—1 or 2 per team (This is a mandatory position that must be filled for every team 

* Click the volunteer position for more information

Please note that in most categories only assistance is needed, as opposed to taking on the entire responsibility.  We recognize that not all families have the ability or inclination to volunteer.  If you choose not to volunteer to perform at least one of the above volunteer duties, you will be assessed a $50 per family volunteer opt out fee.  Failure to perform volunteer service after signing up for it at registration may result in later assessment of the $50 fee, at the discretion of the commissioner.