Provide the best possible opportunity for our youth to learn some valuable life lessons, increase their fitness, have fun, and strive to win at this historical North American sport.
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Welcome to Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse!


 For Spring 2020 we offer three Registration Categories:

League Play for Experienced Players

7th/8th Grade Girls                                                14U Boys

5th/6 th Grade Girls                                               12U Boys

3rd/4 th Grade Girls                                               10U Boys

Open Play for

  • All First Year Players (1st through 8th grade)
  •      Begins in March
  • Girls 1st/2nd Grade
    • ​New and returning players
  • Boys 8U
    • ​​New and returning players


  • ​Must be at least five years old by 1 April

*Loaner Gear is available for boys (deposit only)



Girls Commissioner: Chris Lohmann

Boys Commissioner: Zach Gaumer

Scoopers: Hilary Adams

Overall and Director of Coaching: Michael Carucci

703-932-4657 (mobile)




About Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse (“forthuntlax”/FHYL)

At Fort Hunt Youth Lacrosse, we help kids reach their full potential through the great sport of lacrosse.

In today’s world, video games, “pay to play” sports programs, early sport specialization, and a “win at all costs” mentality can conspire against kids. We believe instead in the age appropriate, long-term athletic development of all of our kids, and are completely against the short term, win at all costs culture.

  • We work hard to ensure all of our players have a consistently high positive experience
  • We grow the sport by bringing lacrosse into new areas for boys and girls to try
  • We study the science of sports and take guidance from our national governing body, U.S. Lacrosse; the U.S. Olympic Committee; and academic institutions like the Aspen Institute and George Washington University.
    • We follow the governing principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM)
    • We partner with other leadership organizations, like USA Hockey, to improve the condition of youth sports one kid at a time
  • We have an aggressive and mandatory coach screening and training program to maximize the experience our kids have on the field
  • We want our kids to get outside, move, sample many sports, compete, and HAVE FUN!


High School lacrosse is at risk of being canceled

Dear Fort Hunt Lax Families:

High School lacrosse is at risk of being canceled in the Commonwealth.

As you may have head, the Virginia High School League (VHSL) executive committee votes today on which of the following three models will be adopted:

Model 1

• Leave all sports in the season where they are currently aligned. Low and Moderate contact risk sports that would be allowed to play are golf and cross country

• High risk sports that would not be played are field hockey, football, volleyball, and cheer

• All VHSL Academic activities are Low or Moderate risk.

Model 2 (Worst case)

• Switch the Fall and Spring Season

• Low and Moderate contact risk sports that would be allowed to play in the Fall are Track & Field, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball and Softball

High risk sports that would not be played are Boys and Girls Lacrosse

• All VHSL Academic activities are Low or Moderate risk.

Model 3 (Recommended)

• Leave all sports in the season where they are

currently aligned.

• Season 1 (Winter) December 14 – February 20 (First Contest Date – December 28)

• Season 2 (Fall) February 15 – May 1 (First Contest Date – March 1)

• Season 3 (Spring) April 12 – June 26 (First Contest Date – April 26)

Please call or send an email TODAY to the VHSL Executive Committee urging them to vote for Option Three. Committee members:




Ty Gafford (Chairman)


Jon Crutchfield


Dave Cassady


Martin Grimm


Terri Towle



Todd Tarkenton


Adrienne Blanton


Mike Sipe


Dan Hornick


Howard Townsend


Cliff Conway


David Spage


Robert Curd


Shannon Butler


Dan Forgas


Robert Dansey


Tammy Newcomb


Corey McConville


Eric Baylor


Mike Davidson


Tommy Golding


Mike Myers


Chris Stewart


Travis Gray



Vanessa Wigand


Eric Jones


Elie Bracy III


Dashan Turner


Anthony Brads


Eric Bond


Mark Miear


Greg Mullins


Charles Berkley, Jr.


James Coleman


DeRocke Croom



Jeffrey Bourne


David Suetterlein


John W. “Billy” Haun



Sample Message:


Dear Dr. Haun and members of the VHSL Executive Committee,

I hope that this outreach finds you all well during these challenging times. As a lacrosse coach, advocate and Virginia resident, I wanted to thank you and the VHSL Executive Committee for your steadfast leadership overseeing the Virginia public schools through these unprecedented and incredibly difficult circumstances.

As the Executive Committee  prepares to vote on a plan for a return for athletics in Virginia schools on July 27th, I wanted to  share our strong recommendation to reject the second proposal that calls for the elimination of boys and girls lacrosse for the 2021 season, in order to ensure that fall sports are able to play a full season in the Spring.

In the wake of the global pandemic and the resulting suspension of sport, a number of national sports organizations have issued return to play guidelines and risk assessment tools in an effort to provide informed direction on activity risk and graduated resumption of sport participation. Our sport's national governing body, US Lacrosse, recently published its “Return to Play Recommendations for Lacrosse” and encourages the national lacrosse community to review and adhere to these guidelines in the months to come in an effort to appropriately balance infection and injury risk with the desire to return to the field. These recommendations were developed by a medical advisory committee, and a full set recommendations, updated as of July 1, 2020 at the following link: The feedback on this plan from state policy and public health experts, NFHS, families and league directors has been very favorable and tournament operators throughout the country have embraced and utilized this guidance for their youth and high school events occurring throughout the summer.

The US Lacrosse Sports Science & Safety Committee has also reviewed other national organizations’ classifications of sport, by risk level, and has shared its belief that both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse are appropriately placed in the moderate risk category relative to the potential for COVID-19 infection given the fact that the sport is played outdoors, shared equipment is not part of the game, and any type of contact (stick and body) and extended periods of closeness can be mitigated through minor adjustments to playing rules.

The 2020 spring high school lacrosse season in Virginia was cancelled due to COVID-19, and given the fact that there are medically informed, nationally recognized, return to play recommendations available to serve as a guide for when the spring lacrosse season returns in 2021 – I see no reason why girls lacrosse and boys lacrosse would be singled out to be eliminated in Virginia or any community.

I recognize that the number of public high schools that have football in Virginia – far out-number the schools that have lacrosse (307 schools and 22,526 boys athletes for football vs 104 schools and 3,835 girls for girls lacrosse and 108 schools and 4,734 boys for boys lacrosse) – but the opportunity to play girls and boys lacrosse is significant and growing in the state, at all levels. Canceling a season for two consecutive years would have a devastating impact on the sport’s development in the state and on the student athletes who participate. It is also worth noting that there are 19 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse programs and 29 NCAA Women’s Lacrosse programs in the state of Virginia, many of which field highly competitive teams in their respective divisions annually and provide roster spots to in-state student athletes.

The VHSL has many considerations to mull over as they determine the best path forward for its schools and student athletes, but given the supporting information provided in this letter, I would strongly urge the Executive Committee to embrace the third model, which allows for a return of all high school sports in Virginia, with delayed starts and abbreviated schedules.

Thank you for consideration of our recommendation regarding the VHSL’s return to play proposal, and I hope that our community can count on your vote to support all sports return to the field, this school year.




by posted 07/27/2020
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